22 July 2011

Installing Papago X5 for Android Tablets and Phones

Installing Papago X5 for Android Tablets n Phones.

With the surge in popularity of the Android O/S for portable devices in the GPS application we are certain that the trend will stay. This brief tutorial serve as a guide for those adventurous enough to try their hands on a new navigation platform. The Papago X5 is one of the popular navigation apk for the Android system. Here is how it can be installed.... enjoy. 

1. - Down Papago x5 SG/MY from Papago Taiwan Site - All 5 files from
Papago Taiwan - Select My/Sg Installation.
- Download n Install Spare Parts from the Android Market. Spare Parts is an Android system parameters configuration program.

2. Unzip the Papago X5 rar files and you will have

- NaviSEA folder
- PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk

3. Copy the NaviSEA folder + PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk to your Android SD card root directory.
4. To match your screen resolution copy the nearest screen resolution (choose smaller than your screen size) of the installation 
and paste it back to the same folder. Rename the copied folder to match your screen resolution.

Your screen resolution = 600x1024
Papago nearest screen resolution = 480X854
Copy and Paste the folder 480X854 into the same folder and rename it 600X1024. Do this for all folders in Organic and its sub-directories as follow:-

- X:\NaviSEA\Organic
- X:\NaviSEA\Organic\CHT
- X:\NaviSEA\Organic\EN
- X:\NaviSEA\Organic\IND
- X:\NaviSEA\Organic\MAL

5. Install the SD card onto your Android unit.

6. Turn On the Android browse and go to SD card Root directory (MyPad).

7. Double click PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk and choose Android Installer to install Papago X5.

8. Run Spare Parts and Tick/Check Compatibility Mode. This will re-size the display to Full Screen.

9. Power down the Android and Re-Boot. Spare Parts requires a re-boot for Compatibility Mode to take effect

10. Run Papago X5 and select Trail to begin a journey of fun with Papago.

11. The downloaded Program files include the MfM map. Goto our map download section to get the latest Papago map.

12. If you find Papago X5 useful please go to the Android market to purchase it or buy it HERE

special thanks to http://www.malfreemaps.com